Contract Pilot Agreement, Fee Schedule, Work Rules:

If you are interested in hiring Capt. Smith for contract piloting services, please print this section, sign, and mail to Samuel Don Smith at 3246 FM 140, Uvalde , TX 78801 .

 Section I, Definitions
Contracting Agency
: Person or organization having completed an agreement form, agreeing to comply with its provisions.
Pilot in Command: The same as Captain. The person responsible for the safe operation of the flight. The person with final authority over the conduct of all aspects of the flight.
Pilot: Samuel Don Smith, performing piloting services, or being available to perform such services when requested by contracting agency.
Duty Period: Period of time following an uninterrupted rest break of eight hours. Not to exceed eight hours of flying time, and not to exceed fourteen hours on duty.

Section 2, Applicability

This agreement applies to a contracting agency and Samuel Don Smith. The contracting agency agrees to promptly pay Samuel Don Smith for services at the rates stipulated herein.

Section 3, Pay and Hours

Suit-Up Pay

 A.  Pilot  will receive a minimum of two hours pay when the contracting agency notifies him that his services are requested and the pilot agrees to perform those services. and

1. has not acknowledged his removal from a trip requested by a contracting agency, and
         2. reports for duty.
B. Daily Pay Rates:
         1.The Contracting Agency shall pay the pilot at the rate of $50 per hour for Second In Command duties or $100 per hour for Captain duties.
Or (whichever is less)
         2. $500 per day for Captain duties and $300 per day for Second In Command duties.

Section 4, Lodging and ground transportaion.

A. Lodging

The Contracting agency will reimburse a pilot for adequate and comfortable* single occupancy lodging for a pilot who is
1. away from base, when: on a layover, or performing other duty in which he is required to be away from base overnight, or
2. the pilot will be provided lodging (upon his request) if the total ground time is more than  five hours

*Adequate and Comfortable is to be specified as Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hampton Inn, Drury Inn, or other similarly priced lodging. If no such lodging is available within a reasonable distance, then the contracting agency agrees to pay for the next higher priced lodging.  

Section 5, Ground Transportation.

The Contracting agency will reimburse the plot for transportation between a lodging facility and the airport or other work location, for his actual necessary transportation expenses.

  Section 6, Billing.

The Contracting agency will pay the pilot within 30 days of receiving and invoice for services. Delinquent accounts will be charged 1% per month and contracting agrees to pay  for funds in arrears.

On behalf of __________________________, I agree to abide to the above conditions when contracting for piloting services from Samuel D. Smith.


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